CPS Haze Remover HV Gel - 5 KG

CPS Haze Remover HV Gel - 5 KG



CPS Haze Remover HV: is the original low-caustic gel, designed to remove ink and diazo stains from screen meshes after stencil removal. Haze Remover HV is applied to the mesh with a brush or coating trough and allowed to dry. Then CPS Activator is applied to both sides of the mesh, followed by a low-pressure rinse, and finally, a high pressure spray of water.

Conventional screen washes applied to the mesh in conjuction with haze removers (caustic or non-caustic) can damage the mesh. Always use CPS Activator with Haze Remover Liquid. Do not use standard screen washes.

A low-viscosity, fast drying alternative is available for us in hotter climates. See CPS Haze Remover Liquid for details.



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