CPS Haze Remover Liquid - 5 KG

CPS Haze Remover Liquid - 5 KG



CPS Haze Remover Liquid: is a low-caustic product that removes ink and diazo stains from screen meshes and is a faster drying alternative to CPS Haze Remover HV (high viscosity). Haze Remover Liquid is brushed on the mesh and allowed to dry, and it can be allowed to sit on the mesh for several days if necessary. Then CPS Activator is applied to both sides of the mesh, followed by a low-pressure rinse with water. For really tough stains, the CPS Activator can be left on the mesh for 5-10 minutes.

Conventional screen washes applied to the mesh in conjuction with haze removers (caustic or non-caustic) can damage the mesh. Always use CPS Activator with Haze Remover Liquid. Do not use standard screen washes.

Shipping Instructions: Dangerous Goods Product