KIWO 140 Ink Wash/On Press Cleaner

KIWO 140 Ink Wash/On Press Cleaner

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For Plastisol and Water Based Textile Inks.

Ink Wash 140 is a textile ink cleaning solvent mixture that can be used in both the reclaim department prior to stencil removal and/or at the press as a screen opener or when changing inks. It will not "lock in" pre-sensitized SBQ photopolymer emulsion. Very low odour.

Application: Before cleaning the screen, remove ink from screens with a scraper or spatula. Rub both sides of the screen with a rag or a brush soaked in KIWOCLEAN INK WASH 140 until all ink residues are completely dissolved or emulsified, and the emulsion becomes clearly visible. Finish by wiping screen with dry rag or towel to speed the drying time. Should any ink residue remain on the screen, pour KIWOCLEAN INK WASH 140 onto the screen and brush the screen every few minutes until the residue is dissolved. Remove the residue with a rag. KIWOCLEAN INK WASH 140 has strong cleaning power and may attack the frame adhesive if the screen is soaked in KIWOCLEAN INK WASH 140. Keep the soaking time to a minimum and if necessary, use a protective lacquer, such as KIWO’s ESTELAN B 700-05 to protect the adhesive.

Physical Data: Color: Clear, Transparent Consistency: Liquid Shelf life: 1 year at 68º Fahrenheit (20º Celsius) Flash point: >140º Fahrenheit (60º Celsius) VOC: 6.67 lbs/gal, 800 grams/liter Vapor Pressure: Not known HMIS rating: Health - 1 Flammability - 2 Reactivity - 0 4. PERSONAL PROTECTION Do not breathe fumes. All working areas should be well ventilated. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. It is recommended to wear protective glasses and gloves. See SDS for additional information.