Polycol Multi-Tex Blue - 1 US Gallon

Polycol Multi-Tex Blue - 1 US Gallon

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POLYCOL MULTI-TEX is a high solids, fast exposing, pure photopolymer emulsion specially formulated for use with the newest textile inks including all plastisol, water-based, and discharge systems. It is optimized for use on the latest Computer-to-Screen imaging and LED exposing systems as well as conventional exposure systems.

POLYCOL MULTI-TEX builds quickly and has excellent edge
definition and resolution. POLYCOL MULTI-TEX does not ‘lock in’ the
emulsion after treated with cleaning solvents, making reclaiming

Time, labor, and materials savings means faster turnaround times for your screen printing business. Delivers excellent resolution mesh bridging and edge definition.

Viscosity: 10 mPas
Solids content: 43%
Color: Blue
Shipping Instructions: Keep from Freezing