WB6365 PS Fluor Red - 1 US Quart

WB6365 PS Fluor Red - 1 US Quart



WB1141 PS Fluorescent RED Pigment


WB-99 is a highh performance PVC Free Pigment mixing system for 100% cotton light fabrics or dark fabrics when using the discharge process. This mixing system allows the printer to mix thousands of colours using formulas from the M2007 ink mixing software. WB-99 Pigments are vibrant to give the most brilliant colour matches. When combined with the WB0249 General purpose Base, prints with extreamly soft feel at a low cost on white fabrics. WB0249 General Purpose Base requires longer cure times, up to 3 minutes depending on your dryer configuration.Combine with the WB0248 Quick Cure Base for faster production demands when printing on 100% cotton lights. Combine with WB0255 Discharge Base and activate with WB0259 Discharge Agent to print on 100% cotton darks.

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