Brush Tac

Brush Tac

Starting at: $26.75


AlbaChem® Brush Tack is a non-flammable, non-V.O.C. water-based adhesive. It is specifically designed for manual application. It is more viscous with a higher solid content than most providing a long lasting pressure sensitive tack for your screen printing pallets. Using Brush-Tack will keep your press, floors and personnel clean. Brush-Tack can be brushed or carded on the pallets. 

Directions for use: Apply thin layer of Brush-Tack with brush, roller or card. Allow to air dry or flash pallet to obtain immediate tack. Print, apply more as needed. Clean-up with warm soapy water or mild solvent. 

Tips: Use pallet protector, water-based adhesives do not clean-up as easy as solvent based aerosols. Before applying more product. spray pallet with water to re-activate tack