ES0274 NPT X-Glue 1 US Gallon

ES0274 NPT X-Glue 1 US Gallon




Easy to use, no viscosity modifier necessary. Functions as an adhesive for foil transfers, Caviar Beads, Sequins and etc.

Short body & very low wet tack for easy printing. Fast shearing action means higher press speeds.


This product has excellent adhesion qualities for Caviar Beads, Sequins, Foil and etc.

X-Glue adhesive is formulated as a press-ready plastisol for printing on 100% cotton fabrics or over a bleed underlay on poly / cotton.


Clear adhesive is normally printed through mesh ranges from 86-110 mc./in. (34/43 mc./in.) You may print through finer mesh to achieve fine details. Recommend 60 Durometer squeegee.

X-Glue Adhesive requires stirring before printing. Print X-Glue adhesive directly onto substrates or over an overlay.

Recommended Printing Techniques:

Automatic Machine Printing - Examine the flood bar & smooth edges if necessary. Adjust the flood to just transfer the ink from the front to the back of the screen. Transfer ink to the fabric surface with a light squeegee pass using just enough pressure to clear the mesh.

Manual Machine Printing - Load ink into mesh opening with soft squeegee. Only the image areaOnly the image area should be filled with ink. Transfer ink to the fabric surface with a light squeegee pass using just enough pressure to clear the mesh.

Special Recommendations:

Plastisols are THERMOPLASTIC, requiring heat for fusion. Test print area for crock fastness. Should color rub off on white cloth, adjust oven temperatures and / or dwell time until crock test passes (cloth wipes clean). Still plastisols prior to printing. Do Not Dry Clean. Do Not Use Bleach. Do Not Iron Image Area.

Technical Data

• Wet Ink Tack - Medium

• After Flash Tack - High

• Printability - Great

• Surface Appearance - Translucent

• Opacity / Viscosity - Low / High

• Bleed Resistance - N/A

• Gel Point / Flash Time - 160 Degrees F. / Decreases with Deposit Thickness

• Fusion Temperature - 320 Degrees F. / (160 Degrees C.)

* Squeegee Speed - Medium to High

• Underlay - Depending on the Fabric

• Emulsion - Capillary Film

• Mesh Count - 86-110 mc. In. (34 - 43 mc./cm.)

• Extender - N/A

• Thickener - N/A

• Storage - 65 Degrees F. to 95 Degrees F. Avoid direct sunlight.

• Cleanup - Non Hazardous Screen Washes

• MSDS - #1

• Color Range - X-Glue Adhesive

• Substrate Type - Cotton or Underlay

• Substrate Color(s) - Light, Medium and Dark Fabrics

• Printability - Great