Colour Matching

Colour Matching


When your job needs a non-stock special colour, or special effect ink, our lab can produce special ink formulations to achieve your target colour. As these are specials, please call or email to book your match on our colour match schedule.

We have the capability of mixing 55 gal drums in our Bowers High-Speed mixer. We also have 2 Hockmeyer mixers in our lab to accommodate 1-5 gallon pails. Our minimum order for a colour match is one quart. We colour match in the following ink series:

Nazdar UV, Industrial and Container Inks

1600 UV Series 5100 Conventional Container
1800 UV Series 9700 Conventional Multi-Purpose
2300 UV Series 5900 Conventional Enamel
3400 UV Series ADE Conventional Epoxy
3500 UV Series S2 Conventional Vinyl
4000 UV Series 4200 UV Series


Rutland Textile Ink

  • EH SERIES- High opacity plastisol

  • ES CHINO SERIES- Soft hand printing plastisol

  • EN NYLON MESH SERIES – Athletic wear plastisol

  • EL ENDURANCE PLUS SERIES- Low temp.cure plastisol for 100% Polyester


  • UNION MIXOPAKE – Very high opacity plastisol

Please provide the following information when ordering a new colour match for any ink series.

  • Contact Information

  • PMS Number

  • Sample of target colour

  • Sample of substrate you are printing

  • Colour of substrate you are printing

  • Screen mesh that you are printing through

  • Quantity required.

Your special formulation will be assigned a ‘J’ colour match number. If you would like to re-order a match, quote the ‘J’ colourmatch number that you will find on the label of your ink. If you have thrown your container away, you will find the ‘J’ number on your packing slip or invoice

Send us your screen printing ink color matching requirements by email at [email protected]