Tetko 10-100 Stretch Meter

Tetko 10-100 Stretch Meter

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Tetko 10-100   Mechanical Stretch Meter

The TetkoMat 10-100 is a portable, compact,
mechanical tension measuring device for
accurate and consistent measurement of all
screen printing fabrics.

The TetkoMat 10-100 was developed to
Sefar’s specifications and is manufactured
in Switzerland. It provides a simple, quick,
and direct reading that measures in Newtons
per centimeter (N/cm). N/cm is a unit of force
measurement cited in the International
Standard (DIN 16611A.2) for Relative
Calibration of Tension Control Instruments.

The high sensitivity of the TetkoMat 10-100
allows measurement control of tension
variations within a screen regardless of frame
size. This enables the screen maker to correct
or change tensioning techniques to achieve
the most uniformly tensioned screen. Correct
and uniform screen tensions optimize screen
life stability.