Nazdar® 1600

Nazdar® 1600


The multi-purpose POWERPRINT1600 Series UV Screen Ink has been formulated to meet the increased processing speeds of modern printing equipment, curing at lower levels of ultraviolet energy, thereby reducing energy costs and substrate heat exposure. POWERPRINT1600 Series cures to a low odor, tough finish that is highly block resistant. It is engineered to be cost effective for indoor and outdoor retail displays. POWERPRINT1600 Series is inter-printable with the 3200 Series. POWERPRINT1600 Series includes both gloss and matte colors.

Rigid vinyl
Pressure sensitive vinyl
Some acrylics
Coated paper / coated cardstocks
Treated fluted polypropylenes
Weathering / Outdoor Durability
At full strength and properly cured, PowerPrint®
1600 Series colors are formulated to provide 2
years outdoor durability when mounted vertically
in the Central U.S.A. The use of 1627 Overprint
Clear increases outdoor durability.
Exceptions: 1600 Matte Colors and 1600 EC

Standard Colours
1610 Primrose Yellow
1611 Lemon Yellow
1612 Medium Yellow
1613 Emerald Green
1619 Fire Red
1620 Brilliant Orange
1626 Mixing Clear
1627 Overprint Clear
1636 Metallic Mixing Clear
1667 Reflex Blue
1668 Process Blue

Standard Matte Colours
M1626 Matte Mixing Clear 
M1627 Matte Overprint Clear 
M1675 Matte Opaque White 
M1679 Matte High Intensity Black 
M16358 Matte Tinting White 
M16359 Matte Tinting Black
M16360 Matte Orange
M16361 Matte Yellow 
M16362 Matte Warm Red 
M16363 Matte Rubine Red 
M16364 Matte Rhodamine Red
M16365 Matte Purple 
M16366 Matte Violet
M16367 Matte Reflex Blue 
M16368 Matte Process Blue
M16369 Matte Green
Black and White
1652 Super Opaque Black
1675 Super Opaque White
1678 High Intensity White
1679 High Intensity Black
1698 Bright White